Dates & Locates

Although applications are accepted on a rolling basis, keep in mind that this is a mobile residency. And, like all things utopic, privilege-to-art for one, it is temporal. Please note the dates and locations below while preparing your trip proposal (on the application page) for submission.

Upcoming Dates:

Fall 2017: residency trips (deadlines below)

I.   Tampa, FL | September 24-30

II.  Johnson, VT | October 15-21

III.  Pittsburgh, PA | November 5-11

IV.  North Adams, MA | November 19-25


Application 2017 Deadlines: by midnight

Fall I & II:  September 15th

Fall III & IV: October 15th


Past Dates:


Fall 2016: residency trips (deadlines below)

I.  Pittsburgh, PA | August 25-31

II.  Pittsburgh, PA | Nov. 28-Dec. 12

III.  New York, NY | Nov. 28-Dec. 12

Summer 2016: residency trips (deadlines below)

I.   Los Angeles, CA &  Austin, TX   |  June 20-26

II.  Seattle, WA &  Denver, CO  |  June 27-July 3

III.  Tampa, FL  |  July 25-31


Application 2016 Deadlines: by midnight

Fall I:  August 20th

Fall I & II: November 25th

Summer I & II: June 20th

Summer III: July 20th