To apply to PLACELESS please fill out the form below. Include name, email, website (if you choose), phone number (optional), a short CV or essay about yourself and your work (all artists may apply–visual, writer, musician, whatever), a short essay about your practice and/or works-in-progress (this factors into the discussion and process of residency), and a 100-word proposal for your residency trip (a round-trip rideshare). Please include the session you are applying for (see: Dates and Locates).

A CV is not required, a bio will suffice. Academia is a purchase. We do not chastise the producer and praise the consumer. We have with necessary love for both.

All applicants will be contracted with our decision. Our current turnaround for review is one week (this is subjective and submissive to change). We do not require images in the application. We care about ideas, however you articulate them. Although, we will ask for images of your work before residency (if applicable/visual) upon acceptance of proposal.

Welcome to contact for more information. Questions and concerns. Needs, real and fake.