PLACELESS Residency is a mobile residency that functions like two existing models: the artist residency and the corporate rideshare (UBER, LYFT, etc). Our residency offers the privileges of most, but within a short period of time. It is an intensive program designed for experimental and conceptual artists. Although, we welcome tradition formals as well. Spacing for development. PLACELESS provides a free space to focus on new and in-progress ideas, dialogue and studio visit with our Masters-in-residence*, systemic validation, networking opportunities, and the possibility to be included in group exhibitions nationally and internationally**.

Prospective residents must include a trip proposal with their application materials. This should contain a specific location and time/date for pickup and destination*** (residency may be round-trip or one-way). Examples: a 2 hour drive to an airport, a 30 minute trip to Home Depot and back, etc. The duration of the trip determines the duration of the residency, where the discussion of work and practice becomes the focus.

* The Masters-in-residence is the driver-artist. They are servicing you. They will review the resident’s application in order to prepare for their interactions, but will not in authoritarian dynamic succeed, like the academic studio visit/critique structure they have previously survived.

**The artist maintains all rights to their own artwork. PLACELESS will ask for the privilege to archive imagery/links/excerpts of work made as a result of the residency (with a deadline of two months after the session). PLACELESS will always ask the artist before publishing or exhibiting any work or documentation of work.

***The artist does not pay any fees in relation to the residency. The rideshare, a commercially viable service, is free. The value, here, is placed on the communal work of the artists. So, we say labor: the dialogue, the development of ideas, and the in-progress and resultant artworks.